Bespoke Therapies


What do I mean when I talk about ‘bespoke’ treatments? Listen to this sound clip to hear how I can tailor my menu of therapies to your specific needs each time you visit.

It has taken me much time and many years’ experience to refine my unique approach to holistic therapies. Whenever you visit me, my priority is to find the best treatment combination for your particular needs. No two people are alike – and even you are different each time I see you! So your treatment will start with a detailed consultation to discuss what’s bothering you and together we will plan a personalised programme of therapies, tailor-made for you, your body and your issues.

Treatment is charged at a fixed rate of £65 per hour and is booked by duration rather than charging for individual therapies used. My holistic approach and the range of therapies offered allows you to explore what suits you best, in one comfortable location and within a time frame to suit your schedule and budget.