Bowen Technique


Anne Murray Holistics Bowen TechniqueThe Bowen Technique is one of the therapy world’s best kept secrets!

It is a gentle yet profoundly effective treatment for helping the body to relieve pain, heal from injury & rebalance.

Originating in Australia & created by Tom Bowen, this therapy uses a series of precise yet gentle rolling movements on the body’s soft tissue – that’s muscles, tendons & connective tissue or fascia.

Less is more in the world of Bowen – because there is no ‘cracking’ of joints, deep pressure or discomfort involved, your brain responds by relaxing & releasing areas of pain, injury or imbalance.

Bowen can help your body to heal conditions such as frozen shoulder, lower back pain, sciatica, neck, knee & hip problems among others. It is also used to treat migraine, spinal scoliosis & temporo-mandibular jaw imbalance.

bowen_img01The Bowen Technique is also an amazing aid to anyone who is involved in sport or other physical activity – my marathon runners, long distance walkers & triathlete clients report that regular treatment keeps them functioning at their peak & helps prevent injury.

Because it is so gentle, Bowen can even be suitable for children & young adults with sporting injuries or ‘growing pains’.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Bowen Technique for rebalancing the body – but here’s your chance to find out more about the kind of people and conditions it can be used to treat, and how this unique therapy has its effects.

The treatment can be carried out over light clothing such as t-shirt & tracksuit bottoms, so you can feel completely comfortable.

An initial course of 3 treatments at weekly intervals is strongly recommended to kick-start your body’s healing process – this was Tom Bowen’s original approach. Maintenance treatments can then be taken whenever needed, although a monthly appointment is ideal to keep your body functioning at its best.

£65 for a 1 hour treatment, but if you follow Tom Bowen’s recommendations you can book & pay for 3 appointments for £150.