Body Therapies


body_therapies_img01Most of us have experienced physical stresses in our bodies at some time. Some of us may be dealing with ongoing medical conditions that cause bodily change, & all of us will have felt stiffness, pain or restricted movement.

I have trained in a range of different therapies so that I can offer you the best approach for your physical needs – but remember that treating the body can also bring about profound & positive emotional changes.

With my Bespoke approach you can choose to have just one style of treatment – pure Aromatherapy if you simply love that, for example – or we can use a synergy of styles for an individual experience. Each appointment may be different from the last – you can even add facial therapies into the mix for extra care & relaxation. Here’s a brief description of the techniques I offer:-

Western massage

  • the classic ‘Swedish style’ massage using oil & a range of movements to warm, relax & release tight muscles. Can be adapted to your preference – gentler for relaxation or deeper for muscle tension/post sports.


  • a combined full body & facial massage using pure essential oils. As essential oils affect the whole person, together we will select the best blend for your needs. Massage movements range from long flowing strokes to acupressure points, & work to rebalance your nervous system.

You’ve heard the word holistic before – but what does the holistic approach really involve and how does it extend to the way I treat you?


  • the ancient technique of treating the body through massaging reflex points located in the feet to harmonise energies & bring a deep sense of wellbeing. This treatment covers the lower legs & feet, using oil or balm.


  • a gentle style of hands-on healing originating in Japan. You will feel positive energy & warmth passing through me to you. This profoundly relaxing & strengthening treatment is performed over clothes or covers, & no oil is used.

‘No Hands’ Massage

  • developed by Gerry Pyves after his own experience of injury, this deep, intense style uses oiled forearms, elbows & more to stretch & release deeply held tension & trauma in the body.

Thai massage

  • I use a style adapted for table rather than floor massage. It is characterised by slow, strong stretching movements to lengthen & loosen restricted muscles – think yoga, but with you just lying there & me doing the work…